Welcome to Blackwood Golf Course

View of a pond on the course at Blackwood Golf Course


- Tee times are required for play
- Tee time intervals have been increased to 12-15 minutes.
- Our rates have remained the same despite the increase in demand for tee times. 
- Golfers must arrive 10-15 minutes early for check in, no sooner and no later, and be ready on the tee box at their designated time. If you arrive more than 15 minutes before your tee time you must remain in your vehicle until its time to check in. This will help to keep congestion around the clubhouse and putting green to a minimum.
- Check in will be through the window to the right of our main entrance doorway. The clubhouse will be closed.
- Restroom facilities are available with a single occupant only
- Social distancing must be maintained throughout the facility. 6ft requirements(roughly two arms length,)
- Do not gather in groups at the facility, parking lot included
- Avoid congested areas around the clubhouse unless checking in or using the restrooms.
- Golf carts are single occupant only, unless the occupants share a residence.
- We are incentivising walking by giving an extra punch on our punch cards.
** With each golfer having their own golf carts we'd ask the players do their best to play in 3 hours and 45 minutes. All players must be playing "ready golf". If you are unsure of what that is please ask the Staff when checking in. Groups not maintaining pace of play will be told to pick up and will be moved along accordingly. Understand that many people want to play and with current guidelines regarding carts this will help to ensure more golfers get to enjoy time spent out playing, please be considerate of them.
***Golfers must maintain distance between the group in front of them. DO NOT approach your next tee box until the group ahead of you has left the teeing area. Also, do not hit your approach shots until the group in front of you has moved to the next tee box.
- No ball washers or rakes will be available on the course
- Inserts have been placed in the cups to prevent a golf ball from going into the hole, players must not touch the flagsticks. This also has the added side effect of helping to increase pace of play.
- All golf carts will be disinfected at the completion of play before being placed back in the lineup.
- Until further notice we will not be providing food or beverages for purchase.

Our priority here at Blackwood during this time is the safety of our customers and staff. Please keep in mind that we have a unique opportunity here in Pennsylvania as we are one of the first types of businesses to reopen. Be safe, be respectful and help to set a good example so that other businesses may begin to reopen as well.

Thank you,
Blackwood Staff